From vine to bottle, the making of exquisite wine depends on the experienced hands of a strong community.

Good wine is about people, from every hand that helps create our Cabernet to every current and future friend who lifts a glass of our wine around the dinner table. We would not be Silverado without a strong community, which is why we feel so strongly about being a good neighbor.

Of course that starts with how we go about our daily tasks. 100% of the estate is sustainably farmed: 15% is farmed organically; 70% is Certified Napa Green; 50% is preserved in the Land Trust exclusively for open space and agriculture use. 50% of the winery is powered by our solar panels. We are proud of these accomplishments, but they are just the just a beginning. We know we can and will do better.

For our winery crew we ensure better than Napa average compensation, comprehensive benefits and flexible schedules. We also donate time, money and wine to over 70 organizations annually that need our help to keep their communities safe, healthy, learning and enjoying the pleasures of artistic endeavor.

For us, sustainable is not simply a farming method. It is an approach to all of our activities. It is the driving force behind everything we do to ensure that this winery and estate are here for generation of our customers, neighbors and the Millers to enjoy.