Vineburg Vineyard

We planted this Chardonnay in the sandy gravel of an old creek bed, once the site of an apple orchard.

Out in the Carneros flats, south of the town of Sonoma, an apple growing community sprang up and thrived in the early 1900s. Business was so good the Western Pacific Railway was obliged to put in a designated spur to pick up all the fruit. A rock’s throw away from that old train depot is our Vineburg vineyard.

The Chardonnay here is planted in deep gravelly loam that once supported an apple orchard. We spaced the vines closely, 1,210 vines per acre, to achieve the low yield per vine which delivers intense flavors. For complexity, we selected five clones to plant on two types of rootstock. The resulting wine has aromas of lemony citrus and honeysuckle with flinty, mineral notes, a silky texture and a refreshing finish.


Huichica Loam, Wright Loam, Riverwash

First Planted

2000, by Ron and Diane Miller

Grape Varieties

Chardonnay -- 29 acres

Chardonnay Clones

Dijon 76 & 95, UCD 15, 352, R. Young


101-14, 3309