Soda Creek Ranch

Tucked away in the rugged hills east of the winery, our Soda Creek vineyard has cobbly soils that make it perfect for cultivating Sangiovese, Zinfandel and the olives that go into our estate olive oil.

In the spring of 1987, Ron and Diane Miller accepted the gracious invitation of Franco Biondi-Santi to stay at Il Greppo, his family’s villa, and to see his part of Tuscany in the heart of Montalcino. Inspired by the visit and the wines, Ron and Diane began looking for a little Tuscany in their own back yard.

In 1990 they found Felix Borreo’s old estate half way up Soda Canyon to Atlas Peak. A century earlier Borreo was a major purveyor of nearly everything for the town of Napa and beyond. Most of what he sold, he grew himself on the estate, which produced hay, firewood, oranges, peaches, plums, blackberries, chestnuts, figs, olive oil and wine. His original plantings of olive trees still thrive among our Sangiovese and Zinfandel vines. His original stone and redwood winery, built in 1888, still stands as a noble reminder of our obligation to protect the legacy of all of Napa’s winemaking pioneers for future generations.

The vineyard itself is steep and rocky with perfect western exposures to the late afternoon sun. Colder temperatures, due to the altitude and the canyon shading, make for longer growing seasons which produce bright cranberry and cherry flavors in our Sangiovese and blackberry and black pepper flavors in our Zinfandel.


Boomer-Forward-Felta Complex, Cortina Very Gravelly Loam

First Planted

1881, by Nathaniel G. B. Ellis

Current Plantings

1993, by Ron and Diane Miller

Grape Varieties

Sangiovese -- 11 acres
Zinfandel -- 3 acres

Sangiovese Clones

UCD 2 & 3, Atlas Peak, Rodeno

Zinfandel Clones

Hayne, Mendocino, Peterson


420A, 5C, 110R

Olive Varieties

Picholine, Santagetese, Manzanillo, Mission

First and Current Plantings

1883 by Felix Borreo