Mt George Vineyard

The classic Claret varieties thrive here on deep, gravelly slopes that are particularly suited to Merlot.

Napa Pioneer Henry Hagen’s weathered stone gate still guards the southwest entrance of our Mt. George Vineyard, which is the site of one of the first grape plantings in the Napa Valley in the 19th century.

The classic Claret varieties thrive here on the deep, gravelly down-slopes of an ancient volcano named Mt. George. High sunlight at low temperatures and well-drained hillside soil make this vineyard particularly suited to Merlot.

Mt. George produces wines with intense blue fruit flavors, dark color, palate density and classic structure which are the great characteristics of cooler climate wine growing.

The vineyard is the heart and soul of our Merlot, and the "spice box" of our Estate Cabernet blend.


Coombs Gravelly Loam, Forward Gravelly Loam

First Planted

c. 1868, by William Woodward

Current Plantings

1989 - 1990, by Ron and Diane Miller

Grape Varieties

Cabernet -- 56 acres
Merlot -- 34 acres
Petit Verdot -- 4.5 acres
Cabernet Franc -- 3.5 acres

Cabernet Clones

Silverado Heritage (UCD 30), UCD 4, 6 & 7, 337, 191

Merlot Clones


Petit Verdot Clones

400, Sterling

Cabernet Franc Clones



5C, 3309, 110R