Stags Leap Vineyard

Flavors of plum, black cherry, excellent acid structure and fine-grained tannin are typical of Cabernet from Stags Leap District.

One of the first three vineyards planted to Cabernet in the appellation, Silverado’s Stags Leap vineyard helped establish the reputation of the Stags Leap District. The vineyard is blessed with western and northern exposures to the late afternoon sun. It is also home to our winery, located on the northeastern top of the knoll, surrounded by slopes of gravelly soils which form our best individual blocks.

The result is Cabernet with flavors of plum and black cherry, excellent acid structure and fine-grained tannin, all classic characteristics of wines from Stags Leap District. It was on this site that Harry See, a prior owner of the vineyard, identified and propagated a special field selection of Cabernet which UC Davis later designated as a "Heritage" Clone, one of only three Cabernets in California to be given this distinction.

This vineyard is the heart and soul of all of our Cabernets, and the source of SOLO.


Perkins Gravelly Loam, Yolo Loam, Kidd Loam, Clear Lake Clay

First Planted

1884, by Abel McFarland

Current Plantings

1992 - 1996, by Ron and Diane Miller

Grape Varieties

Cabernet -- 83 acres
Merlot -- 10 acres

Cabernet Clones:

Silverado Heritage (UCD 30), UCD 4, 6, & 7, 337

Merlot Clones

See Selection, 181 Raucedo, UCD 3


101-14, 420A, 5C, 1103P, 3309, SO4, 110R