Firetree Vineyard

With expansive views of San Pablo Bay and San Francisco, our Firetree vineyard benefits from cooling fog and light sandstone and shale soils that are ideal for cultivating Chardonnay.

Tucked away in the Northeastern corner of Carneros, off a narrow two lane road that winds its way through the hills between Brown’s Valley and Old Sonoma Road, is our Firetree Vineyard.

Steep, 30 to 50 degree slopes of sandstone and shale and a nearly constant cold wind from the San Pablo Bay make this a classic site for Chardonnay. The wines from this vineyard display delicate floral aromas, pure chardonnay flavors with mineral grace notes and a tasty citrus and green apple finish.

Two magnificent oaks, hundreds of years old, crown the hill of our Firetree vineyard. One looks to be scarred by a prehistoric fire which is as close an explanation as we can find for the unusual historical name of this singular vineyard.


Bressa-Dibble Complex, Cole Silt Loam

First Planted

1883, by Giuseppe A. Sciligo

Current Plantings

1989 - 1990, by Ron and Diane Miller

Grape Varieties

Chardonnay -- 29 acres

Chardonnay Clones

Dijon 76, 95 & 96, UCD 4


101-14, 3309, 5C